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Kingston警局敦促家长了解Snapchat的Snap Map功能的安全问题

警方敦促家长了解Snapchat的Snap Map功能的安全问题

金士顿警方和加拿大儿童保护中心希望让父母警惕Snapchat上一个关于新的位置共享功能,这个应用程序可让用户发送在一段时间后失效的照片,视频和消息。 Snapchat非常受青少年欢迎,用户数量超过Twitter。


如果已启用位置服务,则“Snap Maps”会通过在地图上显示用户的Bitmoji字符或阴影图来显示用户当前的位置(如果尚未创建Bitmoji字符)。此选择加入功能允许朋友查看由同一事件或位置的多个用户拍摄的共享故事(由Snaps,图像和视频组合创建),或查看其他朋友所在的位置。Snapchat用户可以选择谁看到他们所在的位置 - 所有朋友,选择组或无人可看(Ghost Mode)不仅可以查看全球范围,或者查看很小范围比如街道名称,公园和其他地标。



- 将应用程序设置为“Ghost Mode”,使其位置保密(Bitmoji不会出现在地图上)。或者,可以将应用程序设置为仅显示特定的“朋友”,例如父母,家人或亲密朋友,他们的位置。
- 确保Snapchat(以及所有社交媒体)上的“朋友”是他们亲自见过的人。

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Kingston Police
Police urging parents to be aware of safety concerns with Snapchat’s Snap Map feature
Release Date: July 11, 2019

Kingston Police and The Canadian Centre for Child Protection wants to make parents aware of a concerning new location-sharing feature on Snapchat, an app that lets users send photos, videos, and messages that disappear after a set time. Snapchat is hugely popular with teens and has more users than Twitter.

What is the concern?

If location services have been turned on, “Snap Maps” reveals your current location by showing your Bitmoji character on a map or a shadow-figure if a Bitmoji character has not been created. This opt-in feature allows friends to look at shared stories (created by a combination of Snaps, both images and videos) taken by multiple users at the same event or location, or see where other friends are located. Users can select who sees where they are – all friends, a select group, or none (ghost mode). You can zoom out far enough to see a whole world map, and close enough to see street names, parks, and other landmarks.

There is a real safety concern in others being able to track your daily movements, including where you go to school, the route you walk every day, and where you live. Users may not realize this feature is on all the time and updates your location each time you open the app, not just when sharing to “My Stories.”

What can parents do?

Talk to your teen about:
- Setting the app to “Ghost Mode” which keeps their location private (the Bitmoji does not appear on the map). Alternatively the app can be set to show only specific “friends”, such as parents, family or close friends, their location.
- Ensuring their “friends” on Snapchat (and all social media) are people they have met in person.

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